Management Services


  • Ensure legal compliance with California Civil Code and GAAP in all financial matters including collection, recordkeeping, and funds maintenance
  • Maintain accrual accounting system
  • Provide legally required financial reports including balance sheet as per Civil Code 5500
  • Assist board with budget preparation and distribution compliance
  • Provide accounts receivable records and detailed monthly owner balance reports
  • Send periodic (ie monthly) owner account statements
  • Manage delinquencies
  • Provide accounts payable and expense records
  • Supervise cost control / cash flow
  • Provide budget variance reports
  • Maintain banking and investment accounts for operating and reserve funds
  • Reserve/replacement fund preparation assistance


  • Work with community volunteers to conduct site inspections and oversee contractors
  • Establish, evaluate, implement short and long term maintenance program
  • Maintain inventory record
  • Assist in evaluating contract bids
  • Assist with insurance coverage bid evaluations, claims, policy review
  • Maintain property map showing water and electrical plans, shut off valves and switches, if available
  • Maintain gate entry database (Doorking™)


  • Attend all board meetings and annual meetings to assist board in compliance with parliamentary procedure
  • Maintain document storage
  • Provide Board with clerical assistance including meeting agenda and board materials preparation
  • Stay abreast of HOA law changes and industry standards and help educate such to the Board of Directors and Committees
  • Prepare and store minutes and resolutions
  • File legally required reports with government agencies
  • Provide legally required association documents and annual reports to homeowners
  • Provide liaison with auditors, developers, contractors, repairmen, employees, vendors, attorney and insurance agents
  • Compose communications on behalf of the association and the board of directors and distribute to homeowners and others
  • Provide web site for required notices and document posting
  • Gather legally required homeowner consent to electronic notices


  • Assist board and association in compliance with fiduciary duty in accordance with California’s Davis-Stirling Statutes
  • Assist board establishing procedures and policies to enforce governing documents
  • Implement Board actions
  • Oversee CC&R rules compliance
  • Provide 24-hour emergency phone access
  • Assist board with neighborhood socials
  • Implement absentee owner policy
  • Help foster sense of community              
*Our fee schedule varies depending upon the size of the association and the nature of services tailored to suit an association's needs.